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Welcome to 21 Days Later (a sister website of BryensBootCamp.com) 

In the summer of 2010 I started a personal training company called "BryensBootCamp" (www.bryensbootcamp.com)  in which I offered plyometric training on a rooftop of one of the local buildings.  In doing these classes as they got more popular, I noticed that I was not able to extend my brand to my friends and family outside of the Local Louisville, KY area.  So I started with a 21 day cleanse to show people how you can prime your body in just 21 days for fitness and optimum performance.  Then with the overwhelming success of the 21 day cleanse I started getting requests for more. "Bryen what do we do after the 21 day cleanse" was the common theme...So I decided to offer a bit more.  

21 Days Later is the next wrinkle...and the next step.  We will be offering plans for all different kinds of demographics. If people want to be tone....skinny.....bigger....smaller.....healthier....more endurance.....all of the above.  

Because all of my plans are tested with willing participants using before and after's to show the body transformation, expect about a 3 to 4 month window for new plans to be uploaded to the site.  Some of the exercises will be pretty standard, but we keep abreast of all the new fitness trends and workouts to help give you a leg up above the guy who grunts in the gym lifting less weight than you...or the girl who wants your boyfriend and picks the treadmill next to you on purpose.